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Chapter 8 - Radio moments and where I'm from

    The front door of Kalliope's workshop.      Where I'm From I had one of those radio moments this week.  I pulled up to the post office to drop off an order just as Morning Edition on NPR launched the poetry segment.  Listeners are often invited to send in poems on a particular theme and those poems are then woven together by Kwame Alexander, the NPR resident poet, into a crowdsourced poem.  Alexander and the host, Rachel Martin, shared the poem “Where I’m From,” based on the 1400 listener poems that were submitted.  You can read the crowd-sourced poem on the NPR website.   https://www.npr.org/2019/08/28/754698275/where-i-m-from-a-crowdsourced-poem-that-collects-your-memories-of-home The poem weaves together so many stories in so few words.  I identify with every line...

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Chapter Seven: A few changes - because change is exciting!

We have been busy over here!  If you take a look at the photos, you can see that we have made some changes.  The soap has a new look - lighter colors and bars that are longer but a bit narrower to fit in your hand a bit better.  Zoe is still available with no color and no scent but in the new size.  We keep hearing that people love the opportunity to have something special without added scent or color. Lizzie has moved from pink to peach to close capture that citrus feel.  And to continue the citrus inspiration, the Lizzie ribbon is a bright, happy orange!  Did you know those ribbons make great bookmarks?  Perfect for that beach read! These...

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Chapter Five - Be the Sun That Warms the Winter

Novelists and poets have written reams about winter:  Winter is always followed by spring, and we just need to look forward, and all will be well.  But what do we do when we are in the thick of winter, whether it is the season or our state of mind?  Look to this Japanese proverb: “One kind word can warm three winter months.”

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