Chapter Five - Be the Sun That Warms the Winter

Chapter Five –  Be the Sun That Warms the Winter       Photo of the sun and icicles

 Winter is still here – at least where Kalliope lives.  Snow, wind, cold, wind, more cold, more wind. . . . and that glorious sunshine that tricks you into thinking perhaps you could leave the house without a hat and scarf.  So you do. And you learn very quickly that you made a mistake!

Novelists and poets have written reams about winter:  Winter is always followed by spring, and we just need to look forward, and all will be well.  But what do we do when we are in the thick of winter, whether it is the season or our state of mind?  Look to this Japanese proverb:

“One kind word can warm three winter months.”

A perfect example from this week – Princeling Two was speaking with an older student about preparing to play for their studio class.   He confessed he was a bit nervous, and the older student was encouraging, and kind, and told him she enjoyed listening to him.  All kind words.  But the kindest word came later.  She followed up with a text, telling him that what she didn’t say to him the day before was that she, too, had struggled with many of the same feelings, and she made it through and she could see that he was on the right path, and he would also succeed. 

Those kind words provided the warmth he needed to press on through the winter landscape he was in.

We have all been the recipient of that warmth – the right word spoken by someone at just the right time, or the small gesture that transformed our day from one full of ice to one with at least a moment of sunshine.

We have been featuring Addie this month – the scent is pure summer delight, lemons, limes, lavender, and Addie the person who inspired this scent is the same way.  A bit tart, but full of warmth. She’s often ready with those words and deeds that warm our winter.  When I use Addie soap or lotion, I’m reminded of all the people that have warmed my winters and, more importantly, I am reminded to look for ways to provide a moment of warmth for someone else.

So let’s resolve today to get out there and warm these last days of winter – a kind word, a gesture of support, a smile to the person ahead of us in the grocery line. 

 Go on.   Be the sun.

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