Kalliope - Chapter One - Where the founder leaves behind the predictable life of corporate America and begins a new adventure

Once upon a time, there was a young (at heart) woman who had spent many years toiling in the halls of gigantic, global corporations in the United States and Europe.  She longed for something different, as did her Prince Charming, so when opportunity knocked, she bid goodbye to the  9-5 job (which one of her young princelings says was actually a 7:30 to 7:30 job), began practicing yoga, spent time with family and friends, and then looked around and said: "now what"?  Her story was unfolding, but it was a bit unfulfilling.  So she cast about for a new adventure, and Kalliope was born.  (It wasn't quite that simple, but that's really for a later chapter!) Kalliope combines her love of creating and running a business with the desire to engage with people and help them tell their own stories.  Why the name?  Kalliope is the Greek muse of epic poetry, and this adventure feels pretty epic.  Join us - learn our story, hear the stories of others including the people that inspired our product names, and live your own adventure.  Wherever you are in your own epic, Kalliope products will accent your character, whatever it happens to be on any given day.  

Check back  frequently to watch this adventure unfold, and tell your friends. Everyone loves a good story!

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