Kalliope - Chapter Two - where the founder shares a family Christmas story and best wishes for the season

The holidays seem to be made for stories.  Some are heartwarming remembrances of Christmas Eve spent reveling in the warmth of family, dancing around a Christmas tree lit with real candles.  Yes, Scandinavian friends, I’m thinking of you.  Some, like my family’s, involve telling the story of a long flight (following a long delay) on Christmas Eve where one really smart princeling made a really poor decision to eat airport sushi.  At the end of that flight, we were met by a raging snowstorm that resulted in Christmas Eve dinner at a Hardees on the toll road rest stop with a night spent at a sort of questionable hotel, where Santa managed to find us in spite of everything. . . .

Our stories – or more importantly the way we tell our stories – help define us.  The things we emphasize, the words we choose and the characters we create can make any story a sad tale of woe or tale of triumph in a less than perfect situation.  Don’t misunderstand, there are some truly sad moments in these stories.  But no epic is complete without that moment where the outcome hangs in the balance – that is what keeps us reading and writing and moving forward.   

Kalliope is part of my story and I hope it will be part of yours.   Lizzie is a happy scent for those moments when you want, or need, to bring a little spring to your step.  Addie is sharp and complex – just the thing to send you out the door in the morning to write a tale of triumph. 

And most important, take a moment to look around you and remember the story that is unfolding right in front of you today.  Whether you are with family and friends, alone or alone in a crowd, you are the author of this story – so write it your way.

Wishing you all the very best of the season full of happy endings,


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