Chapter Seven: A few changes - because change is exciting!

We have been busy over here!  If you take a look at the photos, you can see that we have made some changes.  The soap has a new look - lighter colors and bars that are longer but a bit narrower to fit in your hand a bit better.  Zoe is still available with no color and no scent but in the new size.  We keep hearing that people love the opportunity to have something special without added scent or color.

Lizzie has moved from pink to peach to close capture that citrus feel.  And to continue the citrus inspiration, the Lizzie ribbon is a bright, happy orange!  Did you know those ribbons make great bookmarks?  Perfect for that beach read! These sturdy ribbons can stand up to splashes and sunscreen.

The biggest change is yet to come.  We will be phasing out the four-ounce bottles of lotion for a larger size.  A full eight ounces in a pump bottle.  We have listened to our customers who have asked for larger sizes and also a package that makes it easier to get that rich goodness out of the bottle.  Watch for that change in the next few weeks - and watch for an opportunity to snag those last few four ounce bottles at a really great price!

 Time rolls on and these long days of summer are the perfect opportunity to kick back with a book you have been waiting to read or to  reconnect with friends and family.  It's time to enjoy the simple joy of a popsicle on the porch and create some new stories! 

All the best!


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