Chapter Six - What's your story?

photo by Daniel McCullough

A picture can tell a whole story.  It can remind us of a story we heard before or inspire us to write something new.  I love this photo and the story it calls to mind for me.  It reminds me of the typewriter that sat upstairs at my grandparents' house.  I loved the clatter that came with punching the keys and the "zzzip" noise from the manual carriage return. I had the idea that someday, I could use the typewriter to tell great stories.  I had visions of being a reporter, winging off to cover events that were happening far from where I grew up.  In my youthful fantasy, the reporting seemed to happen largely in Paris - it seemed mysterious and sophisticated and the kind of place where great things surely happened.

Fast forward - I never worked as a reporter and I moved on from manual typewriters to computers. I have been to Paris, but my first trips were for business and involved a lot of conference rooms and stale sandwiches (admittedly, on baguettes, but still. . . ). While the format may not have been the one I envisioned, I have had the opportunity to hear, and share, a lot of stories.  We all have one.  And they are often complex and surprising and messy.  

I love to ask people "what's your story"?  Faced with that question, people share in a different way.  Sometimes you get the elevator speech, but more often, you hear about their journey, including the rough parts.  Learning a person's story helps you gain a new level of understanding and appreciation for all the events that brought this person to this place.  

Kalliope is a way to share stories and inspiration.  And, like all great stories, the characters need to grow - so, beginning June 1, we will have some changes.  Nothing crazy - just new colors for every soap except Zoe and we will say good-bye to Callie.  A few packaging updates are also planned - but your favorite scent will still be available.

While we are busy writing the next chapter for Kalliope, I'm challenging you to get out there and hear some new stories or re-tell the family favorites.  We are in the middle of graduation/wedding/family reunion season, and this is a great time to ask people "What's your story?".  


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