Shake it, Baby!

If you weren’t actually watching the Super Bowl, you surely have seen the follow-up stories on the half-time show.  J-Lo and Shakira in an amazing display of Latin and cross-over music and dance.  My 17-year-old niece looked up how old J-Lo and Shakira are, and was sort of amazed to discover they are both over 40 and J-Lo is 50.  We’ve been told for years that at a certain age, we really should move into that dignified stage of life.

What J-Lo and Shakira (and Helen Mirren, and RBG and Nancy Pelosi and  . . . ) show is that we can live life on our own terms.  What we should do at every age is live the biggest, richest, fullest life we can and share those stories with the younger women around us so they know their lives will be full and rich right up until the very end.

 So, here’s the question – what’s your J-Lo moment? 

 Now don’t say you can’t move like her, or that she’s got lots of time and money to look like that and train, or that she had a make-up artist who spent 10 hours with her, and you don’t have any of those things. Most of us don't.

But we ALL have a J-Lo moment.  It’s about claiming your power, your moxie, your “you-ness.”  What J-Lo’s performance represents is not an aspiration for all women over 50 to wear a skintight bodysuit and swing on a pole.  What it represents is the freedom for women to be their authentic selves – every day.  Maybe your authentic you is pushing a broom around the kitchen then turning it into a mic and singing your heart out.  Maybe it’s trying something new, like attempting a half-marathon at 59 when you’ve never ever been a runner, or even very fit.  Maybe it’s buying a red dress instead of a black one, or a finally wearing that big floppy hat your kids think is ridiculous but you think is elegant, or maybe it’s saying no to one more committee and yes to learning French. 

 Will you ever swing on a pole? Maybe not.  But your story is where you draw your power to write your future.  What J-Lo is, and does, is amazing, but each one of us has something just as big in our lives that drives us forward.  You may share it publicly or you may nurture your passion privately.  It doesn’t matter.  Claim your story, claim your freedom, claim your power –


And shake it, baby!





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